Radosław Pasternicki is currently working as the Polish Community Coordinator of Riot Games.

Skills: Speed freak +20

Profile 编辑

Hailing from Dolny Śląsk (Eng: Lower Silesia) in Poland, Radek began his adventures in gaming at the age of seven, when he got his first console; a shiny new “VideoSport 3”. After finishing college specializing in IT, he left the house of his father and ventured into the unknown in search of glory. Those travels lead him to ever green Ireland where he began doing professionally what others might think of as fun. Before he joined Riot Games he was working with titles like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online. In his free time he’s busy trying to ascend to immortality by finally obtaining the Amulet of Yendor in NetHack.

Special Ability 编辑

Time Manipulation: When deadlines are chasing him and all the tasks have to be finished before “yesterday”, Radek concentrates all his energy in the blackest parts of his soul and makes time slowdown. Movement speed increased by 200% and others stop seeing him. Because of this he can finish everything planned in half the time and still have enough time left to play one more round of LoL.