Nika Harper is currently working at Riot Games as a Community Coordinator. She is known by the name Nikasaur.

Skills: Pez Marksmanship +20, Spontaneous Dance Moves +10

Profile 编辑

Originally referred to as the faceless mythical creature named “Star,” Nikasaur grew up in the lawless, unforgiving jungles of the internet amongst music-worshipping natives before she discovered the dangerous oasis of video games. Abandoning the temperate SoCal climate, she migrated to spend a year in captivity at Telltale Games where she blogged and perfected the art of sneak-attack hugs until Riot offered her warmer weather and proximity to the largest corporate collection of shake weights in the world. She is fluent in Typo, LOLcat and Italics, and easily identified by her colorful plumage and shrieking call.

Special Ability 编辑

Cachinnate: Nikasaur emits explosive laughter, stunning all humans in a cone and inspiring raised eyebrows in adjoining rooms.

Trivia 编辑