James Anderson is currently working as the QA Analyst of Riot Games.

Skills: Master of Disguise +25

Profile 编辑

A native resident of Ohio, James attended Ohio State University where he received a bachelor of arts in Theater. It was during the course of these studies that he first discovered that he was precocious in the arts of subterfuge. After graduating, he journeyed to the Western coast, where this very ability to blend into his surroundings served to furnish him with roles as an extra in television shows and commercials. He would later utilize his talents to infiltrate the Riot Games Quality Assurance Team, where he began covertly reporting bugs to the developers. His dastardly plot was only revealed some months later when Vikas Jain discovered his presence and added him to the payroll.

Special Ability 编辑

Mustache Mastery: James' mastery of the moustache allows him to instantly manifest perfectly distinguished facial hair for any and all situations. His majestic whiskers grant a +20 inspiration bonus to all nearby allies while all enemies incur a -15 intimidation penalty.

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Riot Games Company Website