Daniel Klein is currently working as the German Community Coordinator of Riot Games.

Skills: Confuse-a-Troll +15

Profile 编辑

Before joining Riot, Daniel grew up in Germany but emigrated to Ireland after deciding that Germans didn't like beer enough. A master of disguise, he's been known to impersonate as Customer Support Specialist and Quality Assurance Specialist in times of great peril. These days he mostly dons his Napoleon costume when he wants to confuse the trolls. Daniel dreams of the day that League of Legends will become an eSport taught at schools, youth leagues, and summer camps, so he can put on his coach's outfit and yell at kids who build AP Warwick.

Special Ability 编辑

Empty Mind: Daniel focuses on nothingness, radiating Zen-like calm and happiness. While he is channeling this ability, he inspires everyone around him to slow down and consider their actions. After three seconds of channeling, he breaks out in wild screaming, hitting everyone nearby for 9001 points of damage.

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