Chalice of Harmony
Chalice of Harmony item.png
"True harmony can only be attained when your enemies are dead."
Tier Advanced
Stats +7.5 mana regeneration
+30 magic resistance
Passive Unique: Increases your mana regeneration by 1% per 1% mana you are missing.
Menu Defense > Magic Resist
Magic > Mana Regen
Item cost 890g (100g)
Sell value 623g
Item code 3028

Chalice of Harmony is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1]

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The unique passive on Chalice of Harmony item.png Chalice of Harmony is commonly misunderstood. It will increase mana regeneration from all sources based on how much mana the champion is missing. If your champion has 0 mana, they are missing 100% of their mana and therefore their mana regeneration is increased by 100% (i.e. the regeneration is doubled). The actual amount of additional regeneration is based on the amount of base mana regeneration. This is demonstrated with the following situations:

  • A champion has 8 Mp5 and is currently at 25% mana (missing 75%). Chalice will increase regen by 75% to yield 14 Mp5 (passive provides 6 additional Mp5).
  • A champion has 8 Mp5 and is currently at 50% mana (missing 50%). Chalice will increase regen by 50% to yield 12 Mp5 (passive provides 4 additional MP5).
  • A champion has 20 Mp5 and is currently at 75% mana (missing 25%). Chalice will increase regen by 25% to yield 25 Mp5 (passive provides 5 additional Mp5).
  • A champion has 10 Mp5 and is currently at 75% mana (missing 25%). Chalice will increase regen by 25% to yield 12.5 Mp5 (passive provides 2.5 additional Mp5).

With greater base mana regeneration, the unique passive on Chalice of Harmony item.png Chalice is more effective. Ironically, with more mana regeneration, the Chalice of Harmony item.png Chalice becomes less necessary, unless one needs it badly. However, the more mana you have, the more time this item has to be useful, as it will grant you increased mana regeneration for a longer time.


  • The unique passive is almost identical to the effects of Veigar 维迦Equilibrium.png Equilibrium.
  • Chalice of Harmony most benefits champions who have a large need for mana, such as Karthus Karthus, Orianna Orianna, Anivia Anivia, Kassadin Kassadin, and Swain Swain. It can be used by any mana champion as a source of emergency sustain, however.
  • Champions who have no real use for ability power or cooldown reduction are not necessarily encouraged to buy this item over Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess, as Tear's upgrade Item.png Manamune offers far more relevant stats to mana-hungry AD champions than Chalice's upgrade, Athene's Unholy Grail item.png Athene's Unholy Grail.
  • The unique passive increases mana regen from all sources. This includes items, runes, masteries such as Meditation Meditation, and champion abilities such as Singed 辛吉德Insanity Potion Insanity Potion. It does stack with Veigar 维迦Equilibrium.png Equilibrium. It does improve regeneration provide by the Crest of the Ancient Golem.png Crest of the Ancient Golem buff and the Exalted with Baron Nashor.png Exalted with Baron Nashor buff on Summoner's Rift.
  • The unique passive will not increase mana gained from methods that instanteously return a specified amount of mana such as
  • The unique passive does, however, increase mana gained from a Item.png Mana Potion. That is because mana potions do not literally restore mana over the duration, but increase the user's mana regeneration for that time. That boost to mana regeneration is then increased by the Chalice's passive. This has been tested in V1.0.0.147b.

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  • Chalice of Harmony item.png Chalice of Harmony passive effect unique to match the tooltip.


  • Magic Resistance reduced to 30 from 35.


  • Magic resist reduced to 35 from 40.