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  • Viktor Viktor's early laning phase is perhaps the largest stumbling block to new players.
    • Power Transfer.png Power Transfer can be used to last-hit minions, as it has a short cooldown and a low mana cost.
    • Take any opportunity to hit your opponent with Power Transfer.png Power Transfer, although bear in mind its mediocre range may put you in a dangerous position.
    • Keep in mind that offensive use of Gravity Field.png Gravity Field in a lane is very limited, as it costs a lot of mana and has a too short range to be used safely in this manner. Try to use it for zone denial and as a defensive measure versus ganks, rather than relying on it to set up combos.
    • Death Ray.png Death Ray can be used to quickly clear waves when returning to base, or preparing to roam and gank another lane.
    • Death Ray.png Death Ray is also a useful long-range poke/harassment tool, although its manacost is fairly high and should thus be used sparingly.
    • Viktor Viktor's lane presence increases significantly when he gets his ultimate Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm; combined with his other nukes and an Ignite.png Ignite he can easily burst down most other mages.
  • Viktor Viktor players should also put thought into which of their basic nukes (Power Transfer.png Power Transfer and Death Ray.png Death Ray) should be maxed out first, as both are viable but more suited to different situations.
    • Ranks into Power Transfer.png Power Transfer will increase damage and make its cooldown trivial, and the mana cost increase is negligible. The shield strength boost is small but welcome. However, its short casting range will force Viktor Viktor to take risks during skirmishes. Max out Power Transfer.png Power Transfer when Viktor Viktor's opponents have little to no long-range option, or if you are confident you can skirt battles without dying. Less practiced Viktor Viktor players who have trouble landing Death Ray.png Death Ray regularly should also take Power Transfer.png Power Transfer to keep their damage output up.
    • Points into Death Ray.png Death Ray will also increase Viktor Viktor's DPS with higher damage and reduced cooldowns. However the main differences are the casting range and AoE; from max range Death Ray.png Death Ray can allow Viktor Viktor to damage multiple enemies without any chance of retaliation. A well aimed cast (with some ability power boosts) will also clear creep waves with ease. However, the mana cost increase and skillshot requirement are notable downsides to maxing Death Ray.png Death Ray.
    • In higher level play, you will want to max Death Ray.png Death Ray for the majority of your games as it is Viktor Viktor's wave-clearing ability, allowing you to quickly farm a wave then move out to take map objectives or gank.
    • Your choice of upgrade for Item.png The Hex Core is a major factor as well, since ranks in the Augmented ability will increase the item's effectiveness drastically.
  • Smart-casting Death Ray.png Death Ray is very different from most other abilities, and will take practice to perfect. One method is to place your mouse at the starting point, then "flick" your cursor in the direction you wish the laser to travel.
  • Try to wait for people to fully commit to a fight or get trapped in your Gravity Field.png Gravity Field before using Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm, as it deals deceptively strong damage-over-time if enemies stay near it.
  • Don't forget Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm has a silence on cast, which can be just as useful as the damage.
  • Death Ray.png Death Ray provides sight along its path. Use it to safely check the brush or other areas.
  • By using Gravity Field.png Gravity Field first, you can often ensure hitting an enemy with Death Ray.png Death Ray.
    • Keep in mind when the enemy notices the Gravity Field.png Gravity Field, they will most likely run away (or to you depending on the closest exit). Place your Death Ray.png Death Ray appropriately.
  • Gravity Field.png Gravity Field can be very powerful for escaping melee attackers. By placing Gravity Field.png Gravity Field in your path, enemies will be either forced to go around or through it, slowing them down either way.
  • When escaping remember that the shield from Power Transfer.png Power Transfer is based on the damage it does before reductions, so it would make no difference in shield value if you aim at a minion rather than a pursing champion.



Doran&#039;s Ring  Sorcerer&#039;s Shoes  Rod of Ages 
Augment- Death  Rylai&#039;s Crystal Scepter  Rabadon&#039;s Deathcap 
Prospector&#039;s Ring  Sorcerer&#039;s Shoes  Rylai&#039;s Crystal Scepter 
Hextech Sweeper  Rabadon&#039;s Deathcap  Zhonya&#039;s Hourglass 


  • Invest in a magic resistance item to help mitigate Viktor Viktor's damage.
  • Viktor Viktor gains a Hex Core at the start of the game from his Evolving Technology Evolving Technology. It is wise to know the Hex Core's Augments to counter him.
    • Also, remember that Hex Core can only be upgraded once.
    • Remember that augmented Power Transfer.png Power Transfer will give him movement speed to help him escape or catch up from you.
  • Death Ray.png Death Ray has a very long range, especially once Augmented, as it deals 30% more damage.
  • Death Ray.png Death Ray travels in a straight line (start to end), so by side stepping immediately you can dodge the ability.
  • Quickly move away from the AoE of Gravity Field.png Gravity Field to deny Viktor Viktor the chance to stun you.
    • Champions who can remove disables (such as Olaf Olaf or Gangplank Gangplank) are safe from Viktor Viktor's only defense mechanism, and should exploit this.
  • Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm will damage you continously if you stay too close to the storm. By moving away from the storm, you can negate the storm's damage.
  • Viktor Viktor only has his Gravity Field.png Gravity Field to escape pursuers, and is relatively fragile once focused. Exploit his low mobility if he ever uses Gravity Field.png Gravity Field in a sub-optimal manner.

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