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The work of gravediggers is essential amongst the living, but invaluable in the Shadow Isles. There are many shades of death there, and each is embraced rather than feared or reviled. One can only ascend from one state to the next with the magical aid of a skilled professional. At the end of the first Rune War, Yorick Mori made his living as a gravedigger. His family owned and maintained the Final Rest Memorial, one of the oldest cemeteries in Valoran. The shovel he employed for his work had been passed down for generations. Each gravedigger taught his son that this shovel was imbued with the spirit of every forefather, and that those spirits would protect him during the long lonely nights amongst the tombstones. To his eternal regret, Yorick died without an heir, bringing the proud Mori line to a close. His body was interred with his shovel in the family mausoleum, and the Final Rest Memorial soon fell to ruin. Death, however, was not the end Yorick had expected.

Yorick emerged on the haunted shores of the Shadow Isles – not quite dead, definitely not alive – still clutching his beloved shovel. He soon learned that with it he could act as a ferryman for the Isles' undead denizens, helping them climb death's many-tiered ladder. This proved a curse, as a gravedigger must "bury his quota" before he too can ascend, or so the legend goes. No one knows what "his quota" is. Yorick dug tirelessly, waiting in vain for the day when he would be freed of his burden. As decades turned to centuries, the shame of his failures came to a head. He returned to Valoran to find his corpse, convinced that salvation might be buried with it. When he arrived, no trace remained of either the mausoleum or the memorial. Hope nearly lost, he discovered the League of Legends, and there saw an opportunity to immortalize the family name he allowed to be forgotten ages ago.

"Die first, then we’ll talk."


Upon selection
"Death is only the beginning."
"Answers lie beneath the dirt."
"There is only one destination."
"Death is the gift I offer."
"You will remember Yorick Mori."
"Life slips away."
"Embrace the inevitable."
"Who requires my services?"
"The last breath is sweetest."
"Everything has an expiration date."
"Fill the ground with them."
"Another claimed for the Shadow Isles."
"Join me in eternity."
"Live bodies are so... fragile."
"They will make splendid corpses."
"Do you hear the ghouls?"
"I will bury you alive!"
"I think I might know a relative of yours. No hair... sagging flesh... always going on about brains. Ring any bells?"
Upon using Omen of Pestilence Omen of Pestilence
Upon using Omen of Famine Omen of Famine

Twisted Treeline Altar Responses编辑

If Yorick Yorick captures the Altars on Twisted Treeline, the Altars may give the following unique responses:

West Altar
"Alas, poor Yorick."
"Are you lonely, Yorick?"
"As you wish, Gravedigger"
East Altar
"Get to your task, gravedigger! Make our numbers endless!"
"Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!!"
"Slay them Gravedigger! Make them serve us!"



Champion Sneak Peek编辑

Announcement made in the sneak peak by Average Gatsby on June 7th, 2011:

The true sign of a master is when you’re able to impress everyone with your execution of a skill that might otherwise be considered mundane. So it’s probably quite safe to say that in order to dazzle anyone with your skillful shoveling, you’re going to have to be rather good at it. With this in mind, allow me to introduce Yorick, the Gravedigger. In addition to being more adept in the art of entombment than any who have come before him, he makes a point of keeping good company… or at least ravenous undead company. One of those two.[2]

Mechanics Preview编辑

Announcement made by Morello on June 14th, 2011:

Greeting Summoners!

We wanted to give a sneak-peak into Yorick’s gameplay in a quick mini-update.

Yorick is our first champion that utilizes the creation and use of summoned minions. All of Yorick’s spells have varying immediate effects, but each leaves behind a different minion of the appropriate type. For example, Omen of Pestilence creates an AOE explosion at the target location that does damage and slows, and leaves behind a Decaying Ghoul. This ghoul will then slow targets adjacent to it during its lifespan. All Ghouls have a constantly draining life bar that limits their lifespan to a short duration, and enemies attacking them will shorten it even more.

Yorick isn’t some frail, weak Necromancer that just commands minions though – he’s a burly fighter who can dish out punishment on his own. This was done primarily to make his play more consistent (as frail summoners typically have really binary PvP gameplay on if their minions are up or not). Yorick can get into a fight and go toe-to-toe with enemies while commanding an ever-changing army of undead Ghouls.

Omen of Death is his trademark ultimate that brings players back from the dead to exact Vengeance. Yorick can use this Omen on an ally, which creates a revenant of that champion. If that champion is killed while the revenant exists, then the target gains temporary undeath, coming back from the dead at full life which drains on its own rapidly. After the risen ally runs out of health again, they collapse once more.

We really hope you enjoy our new master of undeath in the upcoming patch![3]

Patch history编辑



  • General:
    • Ghoul base movement reduced to 300 / 340 / 390 / 443 from 350 / 380 / 410 / 443
    • Ghouls no longer block pathing for enemies.
  • Omen of Pestilence Omen of Pestilence:
    • Mana cost increased to 55/60/65/70/75 from 40/45/50/55/60.




  • Omen of Death Omen of Death:
    • Reactivating the spell while the ghoul is active now allows you to control your pet, similar to Alt+Right Clicking.
    • You will also see a self-only targeting particle when using this ability, depicting what command your pet is following.







  • General:
    • Ghouls attack damage and health gain from Yorick increased to 35% from 30%.
    • Ghouls are now immune to slows.
    • Ghouls now take 50% reduced damage from AoE abilities.
  • Stats:
    • Health per level increased to 85 from 80.
    • Mana per level increased to 35 from 30.
    • Armor per level increased to 3.6 from 3.
    • Base attack speed increased to 0.625 from 0.613.
    • Movement speed increased to 320 from 315.
  • Unholy Covenant Unholy Covenant:
    • Yorick now also takes 5% reduced damage for each summon that is active.
  • Omen of War Omen of War:
    • Fixed a bug where the Spectral Ghoul would not spawn if Yorick was silenced.
  • Omen of Pestilence Omen of Pestilence:
    • Improved the consistency of the AoE slow by increasing the radius and rate of application.
    • Mana cost reduced to 40/45/50/55/60 from 50/55/60/65/70.
    • Cast range increased by 50.
  • Omen of Famine Omen of Famine: mana cost reduced to 55/60/65/70/75 from 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Omen of Death Omen of Death:
    • Removed the 10% health decay per second on the Revenant Ghoul and Reanimated Champions.
    • Updated the visual of Reanimated Champions to better show when a Champion has revived.
    • Fixed a bug with the interaction between ChronoShift.png Chrono Shift and Revenants.
    • Fixed a bug with H-28GEvolutionTurret.png H-28G Evolution Turrets and the Reanimated state.

V1.0.0.120: (Original Stats)

  • Omen of War Omen of War: Yorick’s next attack will deal bonus physical damage and summon a Spectral Ghoul that deals additional damage and moves faster than Yorick’s other ghouls. While the Spectral Ghoul is alive, Yorick moves faster as well.
  • Omen of Pestilence Omen of Pestilence: Yorick summons a Decaying Ghoul that arrives with a violent explosion, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies. While the Decaying Ghoul remains alive, nearby enemies continue to be slowed.
  • Omen of Famine Omen of Famine: Yorick steals life from his target and summons a Ravenous Ghoul that heals Yorick for the damage it deals.
  • Omen of Death Omen of Death (Ultimate): Yorick conjures a revenant in the image of one of his allies. If his ally dies while its revenant is alive, the revenant sacrifices itself to reanimate them and give them time to enact vengeance.
  • Unholy Covenant Unholy Covenant (Innate): Yorick’s attacks deal more damage for each summon that is active. Meanwhile, Yorick’s ghouls deal some percent of Yorick’s Attack Damage and have some percent of his total health.