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  • 德莱厄斯 德莱厄斯由于他的赖线能力和骚扰技能通常用作一个上单英雄,他可以在对抗其他近战坦克/战士对手时轻松控线。
    • 大杀四方.png 大杀四方是德莱厄斯的骚扰技能。在最大施法距离打击敌方英雄可以获得最好的效果。
    • 当对手在射程内时经常施加出血.png 出血效果。当获得了一定的护甲来抵消小兵的还击时效果会更好。
    • 与缺乏经验的对手对抗时,突然使用无情铁手.png 无情铁手然后使用致残打击 致残打击可以迫使敌人承受几次防御塔的攻击。
  • 致残打击 致残打击重置你的普通攻击计时器,所以在普通攻击后立即使用此技能可以增加额外的伤害。这可以用来推塔。
  • 致残打击 致残打击减慢攻击速度,如果敌人依赖攻击和攻击速度输出的话这会使单挑时的局势更加有利。考虑你面对的英雄,并且恰当地使用这个技能可能对击杀敌人有帮助。
  • 在团战中,使用诺克萨斯断头台.png 诺克萨斯断头台完成最后一下的击杀会刷新这个技能的冷却时间使它可以继续使用。
  • 诺克萨斯断头台.png 诺克萨斯断头台根据出血.png 出血效果层数会造成更多伤害。尽可能在已获得最高效果层数的目标上激活这一技能来造成最大伤害。
  • 无情铁手.png 无情铁手 is a strong crowd control ability in teamfights, but be careful who you pull. Pulling tanks such as Alistar Alistar or Amumu Amumu might backfire.
  • 无情铁手.png 无情铁手 can pull people and minons over walls. It is useful for seperating enemies from their team or grabbing blue /red buff from a safer location.
  • 无情铁手.png 无情铁手 is a strong initiation skill, but is much better at keeping people in the fight.
  • Although some believe that 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine is a gap closer since the visual effect looks like it, it is not. The range indicator only shows you how far you can use the ability. You are not moved in the process.


  • 德莱厄斯 德莱厄斯 has strong bonus attack damage scaling, so building accordingly would be prudent.
    • Against an armor-heavy team, getting The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver is great. It gives more attack damage that scales with your abilities, attack speed to apply 出血.png Hemorrhage and the armor reduction to soften your targets up. However, the passive percentage armor penetration of 无情铁手.png Apprehend is less effective with armor reduction as armor reduction is applied before it in calculating the final effect of armor against you.
    • Since the passive from 无情铁手.png Apprehend already gives Darius Darius armor penetration, building a Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper will turn Darius Darius into a potent anti-armor killing champion.
    • The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster is a potent, if expensive way to solve Darius Darius's lack of sustain, and benefit his high AD scaling. Purchase the Vampiric Scepter item.png Vampiric Scepter early to help Darius Darius in the laning phase.
    • However, keep in mind that Darius Darius is usually a prime target during teamfights due to the threat of 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine, and will die quickly if not built with at least some health and defensive stats. A high threat glass cannon in melee range will die most of the time.
  • Darius Darius has trouble sticking to targets without CripplingStrike.png Crippling Strike and 无情铁手.png Apprehend up, so an early Item.png Phage would be helpful. The combination of CripplingStrike.png Crippling Strike and Item.png Phage's slow proc takes most enemies to a crawl.
    • It can be also upgraded later on into Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet, which synergizes well with Darius Darius' AD scaling and his need for health items due to being melee.
  • An early Item.png Hexdrinker will greatly help Darius Darius against magic damage-dealing champions who can oppose his solo top lane control, such as Rumble Rumble.
  • Warden's Mail item.png Warden's Mail gives Darius Darius some early sustain and the upper hand against AD-champions, since fighting back will make their escape even harder.
  • Darius Darius has no movement abilities or other escapes, so getting a Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash will help against teams that try to lock you down with crowd control.
  • Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force can be used to great effect on Darius Darius despite the ability power waste, due to his low cooldowns and short range ability combos, it becomes easy to proc Item.png Sheen multiple times in a matter of seconds, and also provides some relief on his low mana problems.
  • Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge is sometimes picked up on Darius Darius for the immense DPS it grants. When combined with CripplingStrike.png Crippling Strike, it's possible to hit for 450% of your attack damage in a single strike. Although Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge is a very big investment for a bruiser, and should only be picked up if you're doing well.


Regrowth Pendant  Mercury's Treads  Phage 
Randuin's Omen  Aegis of the Legion  Maw of Malmortius 
Prospector's Blade  Mercury's Treads  Entropy 
Randuin's Omen  Youmuu's Ghostblade  Odyn's Veil 
Proving grounds'
Heart of Gold  Mercury's Treads  Entropy 
Randuin's Omen  Sunfire Cape  Maw of Malmortius 


  • Building armor to negate Darius Darius' damage is not as recommended as against other physical damage dealers, since his ultimate deals true damage, his passive deals magic damage and he has passive precentile armor penetration. As such, building health is a more suitable counter.
  • Even though the damage of 出血.png Hemorrhage is initially negligible, do not let Darius Darius stack it. This will cause 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine to deal double damage (if you have 5 stacks), and the cooldown of his CripplingStrike.png Crippling Strike will be lower.
  • Kayle Kayle is an absolute counter to Darius throughout the game. In lane, Kayle can kite Darius with Reckoning.png Reckoning, DivineBlessing.png Divine Blessing, and Righteous Fury Righteous Fury. This allows her to farm from a distance, win trades, harass safely, and out-sustain Darius. Should an extended fight occur which leads to Darius attempting to use 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine, Kayle 凯尔Intervention.png Intervention can be used to block the damage from the skill, and force 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine on cooldown. At all ranks, Intervention has a lower cooldown than Noxian Guillotine, so it should always be available to stop Darius' Ultimate. Intervention.png Intervention can also be used on allies in teamfights to save them from 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine, allowing Kayle to stop Darius cold even past the lane phase.
  • Darius Darius has a high damage output, but he lacks any form of escape mechanism. This makes Darius Darius very prone to crowd control spells.
  • Remember that Darius Darius has poor sustain. Try to harass him whenever you can to counter him from zoning you.
  • Remember that towers will automatically target any enemy champion who damages an allied champion within their range. This is important for countering Darius Darius as it means he cannot approach a tower while 出血.png Hemorrhage is applied to a champion within it's range. Use this to escape Darius Darius by moving near enough to the tower to deny him a kill, or use it to attack Darius Darius via tossing or pulling him to the tower.
  • Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash not only removes hard disables, but also clears a wide variety of debuffs. Once Darius Darius applies five stacks of 出血.png Hemorrhage and activates 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine, you can activate Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash while he's mid-cast to greatly reduce the incoming damage from the ultimate. This can potentially turn the fight in your favor and deny Darius Darius the ultimate refresh he needs to continue a rampage.
  • Shields, especially high-health shields like those from Karma 卡尔玛SoulShield.png Soul Shield can be used to deny Darius 德莱厄斯诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine a finishing blow, setting it on full cooldown and drastically reducing Darius's presence in team fights
    • Keep a close eye on low-health allies and/or allies with lots of 出血.png Hemorrhage stacks, since those are likely to be the targets of 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine.
    • Shields/heals can be cast during the start up animation of 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine, since the casting time is long enough, and activating a shield too early can result in Darius simply waiting for the bonus health to expire.
  • A well timed Sivir 希维尔SpellShield.png Spell Shield and Nocturne 魔腾ShroudofDarkness.png Shroud of Darkness can nullify Darius' Ultimate.
  • Darius Darius is exceptionally vulnerable to being kited, due to the cooldown and short range of 无情铁手.png Apprehend (the range is shorter in practice than the attack range of every ranged champion with the carry tag), and his lack of other gap closers.
  • Any sort of champion that can close the gap almost instantly on Darius Darius (for example Jax Jax or Fiora Fiora) is also acceptable because of the fact 大杀四方.png Decimate deals "less" damage inside its range.
  • 诺克萨斯断头台.png Noxian Guillotine can't hit stealthed units. If you use an instant stealth spell while he is channeling his ult , Darius will stop his ultimate mid air, due to not having a target. However, it will not go on cooldown, like all targeted spells that lose their targets.

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